For years, shoppers across California have consistently communicated their preference to maintain flexibility in their schedule as independent contractors while gaining access to new offerings and protections. That's why Instacart joined other app-based companies and more than 100,000 drivers in supporting Proposition 22.

For full-service shoppers, Proposition 22 protects their choice to be independent contractors with the flexibility to work when, where, and how long they want. Proposition 22 also provides shoppers a new earnings guarantee along with new offerings, like a healthcare subsidy. It also implements strong new public safety protections, and makes what Instacart currently has in place, such as background checks, the industry standard. 

By passing this measure, Californians have recognized the importance of protecting flexibility while establishing new offerings and protections that meet the needs of a modern workforce. We’re proud of this progress and look forward to continuing to provide flexible earnings opportunities for those who need it the most, while continuing to serve families and communities across California. 

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On November 3rd, 2020, Californians voted to pass Proposition 22, the California ballot measure that protects the right of app-based drivers and shoppers to work as independent contractors, while also guaranteeing new protections and benefits. We are grateful that California voters chose to save and improve app-based jobs for hundreds of thousands of drivers and protect the services that millions of people rely on. 

About Prop 22

For detailed information about new guaranteed minimum earnings, healthcare subsidy, and trainings and protections, refer to the individual tabs above.